Mediterranean café

Tea, coffee and treats brought from the shores of the Mediterranean sea to a location near you. 

Great coffee, great people

Come and enjoy the best coffee & treats in town

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Half of our partnership was born on the southern Mediterranean coastline, and we've worked, lived and holidayed from east to west, north to south all around the 'great white sea'. There is something unique about Mediterranean culture and history, which you can literally taste in the food - the flavour of the sun, sea and spices that are grown and traded through the region. From the decadent chocolate covered pate amande stuffed dates, to the refreshing notes of mint in the Berber tea, through the aromatic rosewater syrups and almond flour, there's something for everyone at Jelliti's Mediterranean café.

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For events large and small we're happy to park up and serve our eclectic mix of speciality tea, coffee and Mediterranean inspired, natural treats, giving your event a shine and flavour unmatched elsewhere! 

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